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Internet Purse Fight: Romero vs. Wilson (Gamecock)

by: Chuck -
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Remember John Romero?  If you don't he was the main game designer for id software when they developed Doom, Doom II, and a host of other games.  His first venture after id was Ion Storm where he worked on Daikatana, one of the worst/most over-hyped games ever created (John Yan still has nightmares about the game).  Ion Storm was part of a klatch of games under the umbrella of GOD Games which was put together by Mike Wilson. 

Last week John Romero took a shot at Gamecock, Mike Wilson's new venture, in his blog.  Mike then went to the closet and dug out the biggest can of Whupass he could find and then e-mailed it to Shacknews where they posted it for everyone to see.  The letter is rather epic in scope and is worth reading for this quote alone:

"I'm also grateful for your concern over my incessant partying, which has somehow led me to be married to the same beautiful woman for 17 years now, while raising two incredible daughters together. You should maybe try the partying, since your unparalleled work ethic and strong character has (just in the time I've known you) left only a bloody trail of ex-wives, fatherless kids, and ill advised breast implants strewn across this fair nation, even before you flew all the way to Romania for your latest wife. If she's not still around, let me know, and I'll see if I can pick another one up for you here in Russia."

Yea, massive ownage with that one.  Mr. Romero responded this morning and called for a truce which is understandable as Mr. Romero doesn't appear to have a leg to stand on.  I almost want to say this was a publicity stunt for his newest game but his new MMO is sitll months if not years away from release.
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