What we're playing this weekend

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Ben Berry - Staff Writer
With the craziness of the holidays and CES over, I'm looking to take it easy, and one way to kick back is by playing scads of Rock Band. Hopefully, the DLC will improve over the next few weeks.

Elliot Bonnie - Staff Writer
Hopefully my DS will arrive before the weekend and I can spend some time checking out Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Advance Wars: Dual Strike. I will also play my usual Call of Duty 4 for some multiplayer good times. Have I mentioned I like the game a little?

Randy Kalista - Staff Writer
Pre-boarding preparations are in full swing as Pirates of the Burning Sea's commercial release is this coming Tuesday (Jan. 22).  On that day, what are essentially Realm vs. Realm restrictions will be lifted, and several strategic towns across the Spanish Main will fall violently under siege: ship blockades, economic destabilization, and of course out-and-out cannons-ablaze fleet action.  It's called "port contention," my friend.  And it's an all-hands-on-deck evolution.

Dan Keener - Staff Writer
I should be getting in some quality XBLA time with Pinball FX (New haunted House Table) and TRON.  I expect to have Viva Piñata and Gears of War for Windows by this weekend, so we may be loading those onto my PC.  I will also be finishing up Viva Piñata Party Animals for my review.

Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer
I finally snagged my Wii and brought it with me while I work away from home, so Super Mario Galaxy is on tap this weekend, next week will be No More Heroes! Two whole Wii games after owning it for over a year! Go Nintendo! I also playing Final Fantasy VI again on my DS/GBA. I think I might go through Bioshock again because I want to get the last few achievements, either that or more Mass Effect as I try to reach for the level 50 achievement.

Tyler Sager - Senior Staff Writer
With an extended weekend in store, I plan on getting some time in with Folklore and dabbling a bit more with the Sins of a Solar Empire beta.

Charles Husemann - Editor In Chief
This weekend I'm thinking I'll probably get in some more quality time with Everyday Shooter and Omega 5.  I picked up OXM magainze this week for the free Rock Band tracks so I'll probably give those a spin and check out the Turok demo while I'm at it.  If the football games on Sunday are a blow out you might find me setting up sentries in the basement of 2Fort.

Feel free to post what you're playing in the comments.