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Rumor: E3 and E for All to merge?

by: Chuck -
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During the course of one of our appointments the talk turned to the new/old E3 that's going to be held in Los Angeles later this year and how E for All was going up against PAX this year.  The person laughed and mentioned that E for All was probably going to be canceled and merged with the new/old E3. I was a bit taken aback but if you look at the dates for E3 it makes a lot of sense.  The event is setup for July 15-17 (Tuesday through Thursday).  Normally the event runs Wednesday to Friday so it's not hard to imagine that the ESA would have the press in for the first part of the week and then open it up to the public on Friday and Saturday.  

I'm not sure if that's how it will go down or not but it would be nice to have one big gaming mega event at some point in the year.  It also makes sense for the ESA as it was a huge mistake to schedule E for All up against the Penny Arcade Expo.  This is one of those things that just makes too much sense to not happen but until we get confirmation we'll keep this in the rumor section.

Update (Chuck) - Forgot that the ESA changed the dates for PAX
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