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Elliot Bonnie - Staff Writer
I am working towards my first prestige in Call of Duty 4, pretending I am Maverick with Ace Combat 6 and also playing some Initial D: Street Stage on the PSP. Not to mention working through F.E.A.R. Files and Alien v. Predator: Requiem for some review love.

Sean Colleli - Staff Writer
I finally bit the bullet and bought a 360, but managed to take a huge chunk out of the cost by trading in some old games. So, what did I get in return? Perfect Dark Zero. It's...well it isn't bad, per se, but it almost feels like the 360's Red Steel. It's definitely not as good as the N64 original, and I hope Rare makes a worthy sequel. Once I finish PD0 (and my bank account recovers) I'll be looking for some more satisfying 360 software.

Randy Kalista - Staff Writer
My mouse finger is itching for an MMO, so I'll be subscribed (or enrolled in a beta) to something before the weekend lets up. The pseudo cell-shaded artistry of the oriental Zu Online arrowed straight through the apple of my eye. Although the promise of privateering, plundering, and piloting a pinnace has piqued my preoccupation with Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Kolby Kappes - Staff Writer
I’m finishing up Mass Effect – I’m about 2/3 of the way through and loving it! I’m playing some more Dirt – not only is it beautiful, it’s also a lot of fun (oh and my 3 year old son loves to watch me play it). I might do a bit more Tabula Rasa – depends on how long it takes to finish Mass Effect.

Dan Keener- Staff Writer
I'm playing "back to work" and then off to Vegas this week. We it Guitar Hero II hard on New Years Eve, but that was about it for me this week.

Tyler Sager - Staff Writer
I'll be playing around with Bioshock a bit more, while fiddling with betas for Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor. Santa also left a PS3 under my tree, so I'm going to be spending some quality time with Uncharted to run the new system through its paces.

Charles Husemann - Editor in Chief
My weekend is going to be spent getting ready for CES. Between packing my luggage, doing interview prep, and upgrading my laptop from Vista to XP I won't have a lot of time for games. I might sneak in a little Team Fortress 2 or Call of Duty 4 but that's unlikely.

John Yan - Senior Hardware Editor
I'll be playing pack my bags cause we're going to VEGAS BABY! Yeah, I'm heading out to CES with the Chuckster, Dapper Dan, and Benihana. Should be a fun time out there. Too bad the weather looks like it's going to be horrible. Oh well, I'm sure the warmth of the craps table will feel nice from the snow outside. Yes, Vegas' weather calls for a chance of snow while we are out in CES.

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