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Rumor mongering - Metal Gear Solid 4 will hit the 360 12-14 months after the PS3

by: John -
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This one just won't die as Xbox Family said they have talked to a Konami distributor and they confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4 will be coming to the Xbox 360 12-14 months after the PS3 version. They go on to say the game's been in development on the Microsoft system for a year now. Should this news be suprising if it is true? Not really as the series has cross platforms before. Metal Gear Solid 2 did appear on the original Xbox. To me it just makes good business sense to build it for the current #2 selling console. In any case I wouldn't expect to hear anything about this until a few months after the PS3 version if they are going to release it for the 360.