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Rumor: Microsoft to release DVR version of Xbox 360

by: Chuck -
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Dan has been trying figure out what big Xbox 360 announcement Bill Gates might make at CES next week.  It's his last keynote as the top dog at Microsoft and Dan thinks it's going to be something big.  Last year Microsoft announced an IPTV Xbox 360 (mainly targeted at users in Europe) and while we haven't seen it yet it was a pretty cool announcement.  The Seattle Times is speculating that Microsoft could announce a new Xbox 360 with HD digital video recording (DVR) functionality built in.  This would require a new hard drive and a software update which isn't too much of a stretch.  A lot of Microsoft Center technology is already built into the Xbox and this was one of the features that Microsoft mentioned was possible when they launched the Xbox 360.

I'm not entirely sold on the idea but it is fun speculation.  I think there's a chance we could see the long rumored Microsoft handheld launched (a very, very small chance) but more than likely we'll get a few game announcements (Gears of War 2?).

Thanks to Kotaku for the link.
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