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Counterpoint: No comfort to the enemy

by: Chuck -
There's nothing like a little drama to spice up a holiday weekend.  While it's not the best PR move in the world Sony is absolutely right to deny OXM a review unit for any number of reasons.  The first is that there is no reason to provide a unit to a magazine that is targeted specifically to your main competitor.  Sony is a big company with a wide variety of products and what kind of message does it send when you start loaning review units to a magazine that promotes the competition.  It's called corporate solidarity and Sony can use all it can get right now.  It's not like Sony really need the extra advertising for their product.  It doesn't matter who owns the publication but rather the focus of the magazine.  I'd expect Microsoft to do the same thing to a Sony publication if the sides were reversed.

I do wonder if OXM has a history of reviewing Sony products or not.  It's not like Sony just started making HDTVs this year or anything.  Also kudos to OXM for playing this up for the traffic.