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Your tax dollars at work: Wisconsin lawmaker wants to tax games to pay for juvenile defender program

by: Chuck -
More On: EIC Ramblings
I'm starting to think that Video Games are going to become a big political issue in 2008.  It's an election year here in the US and a lot of politicians are going to want an easy way to score points with voters.  Need an example?  Check out this article  at Gamepolotics about a Wisconsin state senator who wants to put a 1% charge on video games to fund a program for juvenile offenders.  I'm not sure how more idiotic and short sighted this kind of thing could be.  Why not tax gas and bicycles?  That's how they are getting out to commit their crimes?  You could tax jeans and anything bought at Hot Topic...feh.  Expect to see more of this crap during the elections next year.
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