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Record year for games in the UK

by: Chuck -
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The BBC is reporting that gamers in the UK spent nearly £1.5 billion (well over $3Billion US)  last year and there are still two weeks to go in the year.  That certainly mirrors the trends we're seeing in the US as gamers have had more games than ever to choose from. 

There is one sentence in the article that stuck in my crawl though and that's the line about the sales being buoyed by the success of the Wii.  There's no doubt that the Wii has contributed a bit to the gaming revolution this year but from a sales perspective I'm not sure it really deserves that much credit due to the limits on Wii availability,and the  lack of a breakout third party game.  Sure Super Mario Galaxy sold around 1.5 million copies world wide but that's still less than Call of Duty 4 and significantly less than Halo 3.  I know I'm busting out the Nintendo hatorade again but I'm not sure that right now we are seeing a big financial impact from Nintendo outside the DS.
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