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Land of Legends goes gold, launches demo

by: Tyler -
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Shrapnel Game’s turn-based fantasy game Land of Legends has gone gold and will be shipping on September 21. For those who just can’t wait, a demo is now available at Shrapnel’s website.
Land of Legends Demo Available As Game Goes Gold!

Hampstead, NC, 17 August 2005

Hear ye, future heroes of the legendary lands! The time fast approaches where your strength and honor shall be called upon in the eternal struggle against the oppressive Evil that does seek claim to our realms, but before this final conflict plays out gird yourself for a precursory taste of battle. We summon you forth now to unleash spell and steel upon our enemies, to bring forth the bitter taste of defeat on their tongues, and lay claim to the righteous victory that is your birthright! We invite you to lap upon the sweet drink of carnage in the Land of Legends demo!

You've read the previews of the game, heard all the excitement generated from those, and now you'll get a chance to see what all the buzz is about as developer Tiny Hero Game Studios and Shrapnel Games proudly present the release of the official Land of Legends demo. The good news doesn't stop there though, as we'd like to take this time to also announce that this eagerly awaited title is now finished and has gone gold!

The demo will grant players a taste of what to expect in the full version, slated to begin shipping September 21st. The demo includes the following:

* Play as the steadfast humans or the enigmatic elves. The full retail game features six more playable fantasy races, each one boasting its own unique units and special abilities.

* Three maps designed specifically for multiplayer mayhem. The retail version will have a total of ten multiplayer maps.

* There are four missions ripped straight from the full campaign game (which features a total of thirty-two missions, and an extra special "Legendary" version of the campaign that will really test your strategic mind) and the full in-game tutorial, designed to quickly acclimate new players.

* Hotseat, skirmish, and campaign modes ready for action. The retail game will also include free Internet matchmaking, with an integrated game lobby.

The full version of Land of Legends can be had for $34.95 and may currently be pre-ordered through the Shrapnel Games' e-store, Gamers Front at www.gamersfront.com. Order now so you can be one of the first to own it in September! In the meantime download the free, fully playable demo at:

Fast playing and rich with endless strategic possibilities, Land of Legends is an addictive
fantasy turn-based game of epic warfare played out in a manageable timeframe. While
including a superb single-player campaign that will keep you riveted until the end, Land
of Legends truly shines as a multi-player experience. Far too often the main complaint
turn-based gamers have about playing online is the fact that games take too long.
Anyone who has played Heroes of Might and Magic online knows that feeling exactly!
Land of Legends though was designed to give players the chance to enjoy a turn-based
game against other opponents without the need to devote an entire day to the game.
Playable in a lunch break you can feel the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat in the
same amount of time it takes a pizza to get to your house. And with the built-in
matchmaking utility finding other players is a snap!

For more information on this exciting new game of fantasy warfare, or any of the other
titles in our impressive catalog, please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com