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Sony caves, PSN pre-paid cards on the way

by: Dan -
More On: Playstation Network
Eric Lempel, Director of PSN Operations issued a blog post the other day stating that Playstation Network Pre-Paid cards will be coming to America in 2008.  If you remember correctly, the Playstation 3 was the only console that did not support a pre-paid platform and required a credit card for purchases.  I had called out Sony for this in the 2007 Gaming Nexus Holiday Gift Guide.  I'm sure I had nothing to do with the decision, but according to Lempel, "We’ve heard the call - usually around the time we update the PLAYSTATION Store - from loyal PS3/PSP owners who’d like to give (or receive) these cards as a gift, and from those who’d like an alternative to using a credit card to purchase things on the PLAYSTATION Store."  I personally think this is a good move.  For all those that hate on the pre-paid cards as "funny money" and it being "difficult to figure out true costs', buy a calculator.
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