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PS3 firmware could be due out tomorrow with Divx

by: John -
The link is down now but the European PS3 website had details on the new firmware for the PS3 which will include DivX support and Blu-Ray Profile 1.1.  The sad thing about the update is you are limited to a 2GB DivX file. There's no word on if it will do AC3 as well. The PS3 is a DivX certified device, something the 360 isn't which means developers can take advantage of DivX in their games. The 360 is only capable of streaming DivX files and not DivX certified but it's not limited to 2GB. Profile 1.1 finally comes but they are still playing catch up to the HD DVD in terms of features. Profile 2.0 will bring them in line with HD DVD but who knows when that will be out. The voice changer feature sounds like something that's fun to play with for like 2 minutes before the other party gets annoyed with you.

We'll know tomorrow if this thing hits but the PS3's inching more and more to having a nice set of media features.

Thanks PS3FanBoy.