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Liveblogging the Nintendo Press conference Q

by: Chuck -
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Skipping the first softball question

Q from Briance Crecente-  Tens of thousands of pre-orders for the rain check program, PR from Gamestop later today

Q from Stephen Totilo - Still getting a shift of balance.  Wii's will only be manufactured in Far East to keep proprietary data

Q from Franklin Paul - Asking about attach rate - Wii shoppers not buying new games - Reggie finds it hard to believe that 1.2 M for Super Mario is disappointing.  Sold 6M pieces of software for Wii.  Attach rate is up over rate for PS2 at that point.  Nintendo quite happy with sell through.  Scores are good. 

Q from Colin Sebastain - Rain check program is exclusive to Gamestop because they have the ability to track specific packages/stores.  Certificates have to be matched to stores (Best Buy IS would disagree).  On 3rd party, good games sell well (Carnival games?) and should get better as companies learn to use the controls.  No "quality" controls because quality is so subjective. Takes time for publishers to learn the capabilities

Q from Michael Antonoochi - Asking about average age.  PC games inflate the general #, console age is a bit lower...and Wii is bringing that number up.  No shortages of DS systems right now.  May have spot shortages around the holidays but should still be able to find them

Q from Andru Edwards - asking about boutique stores upselling.  No fixed pricing but Nintendo is always disappointed if retailers are pricing their products above the MSRP.  Will not reward those stores.  90% of sales through big box sellers

Q from Leigh Alexander - No single element is constraining production of the Wii.  6M units in one year is a record.