Liveblogging Nintendo Press conference

by: Chuck -
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This is the live blog for the Nintendo press conference to discuss the ramp up in Wii production, Reggie is on call so it should be fun.

11:00 - Music hold, it's nice classical music....if I was more sophisticated I could tell you who this was...
11:03 - Still on music hold, would have been nice to have started on time but oh well.  Reggie is probably having a nice breakfast with crossaints and orange juice.  Me, sausage biscuits and Diet Mtn. Dew.
11:05 - Operator keeps logging in to tell us that it will begin shortly.  It's a lot like being on hold for tech support at this point
11:07 - And we are off
11:08 - It's Reggie (w00t) - we're going to talk about adding perspective to Wii production and DS issues
11:09 - got caught flatfooted by the success of the Wii, sold 6M Wii's in US in just one year.  Biggest console launch evah
- Appeal to non gamers has taken away seasonability and inability to stock up over the summer
11:10 - producing 1M systems at launch.  Look at producing 1.8M systems a month right now
11:11- just can't manufacture more, component dependent.  Constrained by this.  Tripled manufacturing capacity
11:11 - introducing rainstop process with Gamestop, can buy for $250 which will guarantee sale if picked by January 29th
11:12 - will be on sale this weekend.  Walmart will push out all week long
11:13 - doesn't expect a slowdown after the year, will keep up
11:14 - No way to know when they will meet demand.  Avg age of gamers is 29 -most are core game players -just tip of the iceberg for causal gamers
11:15 - Biggest month ever for DS  - 1.5M systems last month , 6M for the year - 1 DS every 5 seconds

That's it, it's time for the Q&A.  I'll post anything interesting if it comes up