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Xbox Live Diamond Card lives, but does anyone care?

by: Dan -
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When I got my mail today, I had an envelope waiting for me from Xbox Live. When I opened it, there was a brand spanking new Xbox Live Diamond Card inside. If anyone forgot, this is the program launched by Microsoft Xbox Live division that promised discounts on all kinds of things from lodging, to restaurants to clothing.

Unfortunately, registration issues and cards not being sent out in a timely manner got the program off to a bad foot. To make matters worse, the discounts were predominately slanted toward the West and Northwest U.S., with only a handful of good National discounts, including Quiznos. The program seemed to get its feet on the ground by the summer, with quite a few discounts and some decent national programs. Unfortunately, when Quiznos was dropped (or left) I basically forgot about the website as no other discount had much use for me.

Now, back to the new card I received today, December 13th. It turns out, it was a replacement card for my original Xbox Live Diamond Card I received backing 2006. The only problem is that my old card expired on 10/07. So I wanted to thank the people running the Xbox Live Diamond Program for not only getting me a replacement card two months AFTER my original expired, but also to remind me to see if anything good has been added to the program. Let’s just say the answer is not really. There were a few things added since I last looked, but there still aren’t any Taco John’s, DelTaco or Weinerscnitzel’s in my area. Most of the other discount offers are 10% or less off an online purchase, or mirror standard corporate fare than can be found at any large company.

Frankly, the program has gone from weak to kind of embarrassing, with little appeal to the core audience that the Xbox and Live brands cater to. There was a lot of excitement at the beginning, but a cluster of mistakes alienated many people up front, and those that were able to get properly set up seemed to lose interest as Quiznos and other companies were removed.

I think this program could have some legs, but the people that are in charge of it need to get creative and try to sign some hip companies. Maybe a Nike, Birkenstock, Timberland or Converse would have more appeal than shoes.com or New Balance. The video Game section would appeal more if the Gamestop discount wasn’t “Save $10 off and purchase of $75 for Online only orders.” The Hollywood video discount isn’t bad with rent one movie or game get a second rental free, but where is Iggle Video, Blockbuster or one of the online companies?

The bottom line is the Xbox Live Diamond program needs to be rescued from the slow death knell it is going through. We really need to see an infusion of new quality discounts, or someone needs to put it down like the lame dog that it has become…