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Age of Conan Beta grows... Game getting ready for Spring release

by: Elliot -
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Funcom and Edios have announced the Age of Conan MMO beta test has reached over 10,000 players. The final game is still set to reach stores in Spring of next year and looks to be shaping up nicely. You check out a new trailer for the game at the official site here. Don't forget you can also sign up for the Beta by visiting the official site.

Funcom and Eidos Continue to Expand Age of Conan Beta Efforts
- Brand new video released as Age of Conan passes 10,000 beta players -

Durham, USA – December 7, 2007 – As Age of Conan gets ready for launch, the beta for the highly anticipated MMO draws ever larger crowds. More than 10,000 beta players have been invited to the beta, allowing Funcom and Eidos to prepare for a stable, fun and polished MMO experience next spring. The invaluable beta feedback has confirmed the ambitions for the title, with high fun-factor and outstanding immersion cited by beta testers.

“The fact that we have now passed 10,000 beta players means we have reached a considerable milestone for Age of Conan, and proves that we have successfully escalated our beta efforts over the past few months,” said Gaute Godager, Producer of Age of Conan. “Personally I believe that the best beta feedback is that so may of our testers are having a lot of fun, and nothing pleases me more. This is what games are all about, and as we move into the last months of polish I feel certain we can impact the genre with something fresh, new and exciting. At the same time, I want to send a personal thank to all the beta players that help us test the game, report issues and assist us in making the game ever better. Age of Conan will be a better game because of all of you and your assistance is invaluable to us.”

The Age of Conan game is now patched and updated frequently, showcasing how an MMO beta is an organic, growing experience. Funcom will therefore continuously expand the beta efforts in the months to come, including adding tens of thousands of new testers.

To celebrate the 10,000 milestone, Funcom has also created a great new trailer for the game. Available in HD at the official website, as well as through external gaming sites, the brand new video takes you on a stunning visual journey through Hyboria. Make sure to check it out, and see what the players can expect upon entering Conan's savage, sexy and brutal universe.

Do you want to join the Conan beta as well? Sign up today at, and you might become one of the lucky pioneers of Hyboria.

Age of Conan is consistently mentioned as one of the most anticipated PC games in development. It has received close to twenty magazine covers and more than fifteen awards, including numerous “Best MMO of E3” awards and the official “Best Online Game of Show” award at the GC convention 2007. Age of Conan is a key title in Microsoft's Games for Windows line-up, as well as a showcase title for nVidia. Age of Conan is set for release on March 25th, 2008.
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