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It's lonely in hell

by: John -
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Today I decided to drop in in Hellgate London to see how the game's doing. I figured I'd party up with a few folks to finish a few quests just for something different. To my surprise, no one was in the station I was in (Temple Station). So I decided to travel to the other ones just to see who was there. Nobody was at any station I visited. Usually there's a few people sitting in the station either resting, selling stuff, or grabbing quests. There was absolutely no one around. I opened up the chat window and there was maybe one or two sentences so there had to be at least one other person around. All I saw were NPCs. I don't think through the beta and the first few weeks of playing had I ever joined the server and not find a soul. I hope it was busy and I was in instances of stations where no one as spawned in yet but for some reason I don't think that was the case.