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Elliot Bonnie - Staff Writer
With Assassins Creed out of the way, I can now focus my efforts on Mass Effect. This weekend I'm sure I will also play my fair share of Call of Duty 4 and possibly some Portal. I feel like Uncle Scrooge from Duck Tails when he swims around in all his money. The only thing is it's not money, it's video games. I'm also not swimming, I'm just playing them a lot.

Sean Colleli - Staff Writer
I'm positively swamped, trying to finish up reviews for games I've had for a while, and juggling some new stuff.  Trauma Center New Blood is fantastic so far, a great example of a sequel done right.  It's still hard enough to cause brain aneurisms, though.  I also have Cooking Mama 2 to work on.  That one is deceptively addictive...I'm almost frightened by how fixated I can get on making a dish just right...I have a feeling it'll be hard to give that game away to my sister once I'm done with it.  As for the rest, I'm finishing up Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Painkiller Overdose and of course, Mario Galaxy.

Randy Kalista - Staff Writer
I got the PC equivalent to the Red Ring of Death, so my laptop's visiting the farmer in the Dell.  Hi-ho-the-dairy-oh, this is the second time I've had to ship it to them in the last four months.  Otherwise, I'm neck-deep in Geth, soaring through choppy (framerate) seas in the unbearably beautiful Mass Effect Milky Way.  I'm also reading Alexandre Dumas's The Three Musketeers, and noting that I completely missed a Three Musketeers video game -- looking like it might be starring "Viewtiful D'Artagnan" -- back in 2005 for the PC.  Sacre bleu!

Dan Keener - Staff Writer
I picked up Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe from Xbox Live Arcade and will spend some time on that.  Viva Piñata Party Animals is also on my plate to get that review off with a bang.  I will try to get in some more time with the Renegade from Ultimate Gamer Chair over at Chuck's house, which would punch my backstage pass to Chuckfest: a little Rock Band and Guitar Hero III showdown.

Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer
Lost my DS on the flight home, so the PSP has been getting more mileage than usual. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Silent Hill Origins have been the major titles. On the console I've got Assassin's Creed going, and despite negative reviews I have been enjoying it. I've also got Rock Band and what a shock, my drum pedal magnet is too strong, so I can't play with my foot rested on the pedal, so much for doing Maps on Expert

Tyler Sager - Senior Staff Writer
I finally manged to pick up Bioshock this last weekend, so I'll be giving that a spin.  I'm also still plugging away at last year's Titan Quest , and I'll undoubtedly put a few hours in Sins of a Solar Empire or GalCiv2 to round things out.

Charles Husemann - Editor In Chief
This weekend I'll be checking out the PS3 Time Crisis 4 and trying to play a skirmish mode of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance without getting my ass kicked (and that's one easy).  I'll probably be firing up Call of Duty 4 to try out the Ultimate Gamer Chair and at some point I may even get a chance to play Mass Effect, a game this sits next to my TV taunting me on a daily basis.