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Rumors of a reviewer getting fired because of publisher pressure

by: John -
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Hot rumor this week is one Gamespot reviewer was fired because of his review of the less then stellar Kane and Lynch: Dead Men causing a ruckus with Eidos. The Gamespot site has advertising for K&L all over and well, the reviewer of the game didn't particularly care for it. If this is indeed true, I must say it's a pretty sad state of affairs. There are a few reasons I've never done advertising on Gaming Nexus and this is one of them. If I don't like the game, I'm going to say it and I'm not going too have an advertiser tell me to take action on a reviewer because their opinion of the game doesn't match yours. I know the folks at Gamespot do what they do as a living and they rely on advertising dollars to keep their site and staff paid but to release someone, if this is true, over a review because some company got their panties all up in a bunch is pretty sad and wrong.