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Sony still facing struggles with the PS3

by: Dan -
In an article that ran in today's Wall Street Journal, it was reported that Sony has slashed the price of their development kit for the PS3 in half to attract outside game designers. The new rate will be $10,250 in North America, $8,600 in Japan and $11,250 in Europe. 

With this move, there are not too many options left for Sony to try and improve sales of the struggling console. A lack of games and high price are two of the biggest reasons for slow sales, and while this may help with lack of games, it could backfire. Those that do not already have a dev kit will more than likely not produce anything substantial for at least a year, and the possibility exists that a slug of half-assed titles could be cranked out by those lower tier developers that now can get the kit. Time will tell if this move will be positive, or just one more desperate attempt to rescue the struggling PS3 without cutting the price.