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More changes coming to Game Pass, melts brains

by: Joseph -
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Sometimes, we like to say that someone is doing too much. Like if you're supposed to be at the Airport for a flight that leaves at 7am, why would you go out the night before and stay out past 2am? It's because you're doing too much. Another example is when you get online and tell Xbox in the comments that this whole Game Pass price increase, re naming, and deactivating thing, is doing too much, and you, in this case, are doing something right. 

Microsoft is not only changing how Game Pass works, and instead of following Playstation's lead by just offering 3 tiers, Microsoft has added, and subtracted, and divided everyone, with nothing on the plus side, in my opinion. Read on, because I'm not going to get this right. Which is why I'm going to ask you to click this for a "better" explanation. If you're still here, I'm sorry. 

As of July 2024, NEW MEMBERS will see these prices. Current members won't see these prices until September 12th

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: includes Online console play, day one PC and console games, a library of games, EA Play, and XCloud streaming. This price will go up to 19.99/mo USD Click here for your country's pricing.

Game Pass Standard (replacing Game Pass Console): This just gives you access to the library of legacy content, and online play, plus discounts, and that is $14.99/mo USD. Note that Day One games MAY become available later, though it's not guaranteed.

Game Pass Core is for consoles and allows you to play online, and gives you discounts. No library, no day one anything. The yearly price for this is going up to $74.99 a year, but staying at $9.99/mo

PC Game Pass: Goes up to 11.99 USD/mo, PC library only, unclear on day one games and Xcloud.

The weird thing in all this, is that if you're quick, you can stack old pricing. It will honor that pricing until "further notice". If right now you find a BUNCH OF GIFT CARDS AT THE OLD PRICE, you can stack up, though you'll have to dig a little deeper to figure out how long. This is the same company that just released an all digital Xbox Series X. I...don't understand. 

Microsoft. I have nothing but respect for you, but you're doing too much.