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After this, you will have UNO friend left

by: Joseph -
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More DLC is coming for UNO from Ubisoft and Mattel, and that is a sentence I never thought I would type again, yet here we are. This time around, it has nothing to do with themes or skins, but different, and friendship ending action cards. 

The first one is the the Point Taken card. This one allows players to one other player. That player must then draw as many cards as people who chose them. So if two people point to you, you draw two cards. Then there's the Wild Drawn Together card. Once played, you can change the color, then link two players together. For each card one of them draws, it's automatic for the other. This is until another Point Taken, or Drawn together card is played. Because, chaos. Then, the Wild Pile Up card generates a mini pile of cards. The players must keep playing cards of the same color in the pile. The person that doesn't GETS THE PILE! WHY?!

The Uno Party Mania DLC is available right now. On September 10th, The UNO legacy edition will become available, with this DLC, and all the other DLC from previous packs. All this will be available for everything, so if you have UNO, you have access. The #UnusualSuspects are going to be livid.