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Drop Duchy combines several genres into one game

by: Elliot -
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I’m just going to say it: Drop Duchy looks a lot like Tetris. There are blocks, they drop, you can stack them. Someone call the intellectual property police I think we have a case here. It’s impossible not to see the classic cascading block gameplay we all know and love. But instead of the traditional goal from tidily filling lines to thoughtfully building a kingdom from different types and shapes of pieces. “Choosing which structures are placed next to blocks of lush forests, streams or grassy plains dictates whether the land’s resources can be optimally utilized while growing a bustling realm. But extra goods aren’t the only thing at stake; mercenary camps will also benefit when placed beside certain terrain, calling for a challenging balance of earning perks while denying foes critical advantages before a climactic clash of forces.” Alright. So, perhaps not too much like Tetris after all.

I really dig the maquette-inspired aesthetic of Drop Duchy as well as the D&D-style tavern music. You can currently Wishlist Drop Duchy on Steam, it will release sometime in Q4 of this year.