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Trove’s Sunfest Update Brings Cake-Themed Dungeons

by: Elliot -
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I am unfamiliar with Trove, the open-ended voxel adventure filled with quests, chests, and enemies great and small. This cube-shaped RPG also combines the thrill of exploring procedurally-generated worlds—something I can see wasting my days on creating my own world to rule over. Publisher Gamigo has announced Trove’s annual Sunfest event, celebrating the game’s 9-year anniversary. Launching today via PC on July 9, Sunfest celebrates summer fun and Trove’s birthday month, with a feast of treats, including a new 10-step questline, returning cake-themed dungeons, a new leaderboard, and a few other surprises.

The biggest newfeatures to see is the new 10-step questline. Players meet the new NPCs, clear Cake Dungeons all over Trove, and earn a new Pinzo’s Incredibly Charismatic Smile Hat Style. The new leaderboard have you compete against fellow Trovians that tracks things like players completing Sunfest Delves, Sunfest Dailies, and Sunfest Cake Dungeons, among other tracking stats. These Leaderboards also award “Mysterious Trophy Case: Events Edition” to the top players. Dungeons and Desserts: Sunfest sees the return of cake-themed dungeons and all the sugary goodness they entail. The dungeons feature designs from the developer and those made by the community. Lastly, you can check out the return of the Sunfest Oven. Here, players can obtain the new collections and decorations featured during the event. Additionally, the Dormant Worldspring Dragon Egg can be crafted here.

Trove is available free to play on Windows PC via Steam and the official website, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.