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Destiny 2 livestream on Tuesday for Episode Echoes: Act II

by: Rob -
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Destiny 2 is humming along lifted by the success of its latest expansion, The Final Shape. In this week's TWID, Bungie touched on a few things but most notable was Episode Echoes: Act II. Episodes are the slightly reworked version of seasons, each telling a standalone story in three acts. This upcoming week is the last for Act I and there is a livestream set for Tuesday on Bungie's Twitch channel. The stream goes live 9am PST (noon Eastern) on July 9th. Bungie will also have Twitch drops enabled, so watching more than 15 minutes will net you a new emblem for the game. 

In other news, Iron Banner is just about halfway through a new 2-week rotation. It's classic Control this week with a few new weapons in the loot pool as well as some new perks on some old ones. The Crimil's Dagger hand cannon seems a bit overrated but the re-release of the Claws of the Wolf rapid-fire pulse has me intrigued. You can get both from the reputation track on Saladin before getting random rolls by playing Iron Banner or redeeming the mode specific engrams.