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My Weekend with M. Bison

by: Joseph -
More On: Street Fighter 6

Lower your expectations. I didn't get to pull of an 8000 energy draining combo with M. Bison, and though he's far from my "new main" in Street Fighter 6, I did make it to Platinum 4 star with him, so I was pretty proud of that. And then I decided to take my lady Marisa back out for a spin, for M. Bison taught me something about the ground game. Marisa went on a 12 game winning streak. But I digress. 

Bison's ground game is going to be unmatched in this game. His normal attacks keep people at bay. He also has a backfist combo, that plants a timed mine on your opponent. And if you hit your opponent while this mine is on them, the damage increases. He has two low fierce kicks, and he is WAY quicker than his SFV variant. We also found out that Bison doesn't even remember who he is, and how he got to where he was, and his story mode sees run ins with some old cohorts, who all call him Bison, a name he happily accepts. 

Today, Capcom announced a new season pass, Return to Shadaloo, with more outfits and emotes for your avatar, and a new game you can add to your gallery. The first day, I encountered a lot of M. Bison. By day three, they were few and far between. It just goes to show, for me anyway, that they can add whomever they want to this game, and people will choose to stick with the characters already here. Now, bring on Terry. Check out the streams below if you wish.