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Dead Rising Digital Remaster releases in September, new footage, and pre-orders available now

by: Joseph -
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Capcom told us in advance what they were going to talk about. Resident Evil 7 for IOS, and Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess. While both titles got light shined on them today, the biggest piece of news was more info about the teased Remaster of Dead Rising: Deluxe Remaster, and it's coming to us September 19th. 

If you haven't played Dead Rising, you can probably find it anywhere right now for the cheap, but this is not a game that you may not stay in love with, for it becomes punishing in the later stages in the game. In the remaster, Capcom has promised quality of life upgrades, a graphical overhaul, and AUTOMATIC SAVES. No longer will you have to trudge your survivors to the bathroom before they die and hope you get back to the safe house. All the weapons, all the costume changes, and all the zany antics from being hit by a roller coaster will stay intact to keep the integrity of the original game.

The game will release in September for Xbox Series S/X, PS5, and Steam/PC, and pre-orders are available now with costume bonuses. Capcom is also releasing a Digital Deluxe Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster, because yes, which comes with costumes and music spanning the Capcom universe, like Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 and Ken from Street Fighter. Check out the cool website here, and check the trailer below.