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Double Jack wants me to play more VR, announces Maestro

by: Joseph -
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Smack dab in the middle of me reviewing Taiko Frenzy, it seems VR has found its way to my heart, and that is music rhythm games. There are a few out there I would love to try, and a few fitness apps that are among the same concept. This one had a demo, and since it's new found Tik Tok virality, decided to go into a full release. The game is called Maestro, and yes, that's exactly how it sounds. 

In this game, co-developed by Double Jack and Creature, Maestro puts you in full control of an opera hours. Using different gestures and your VR baton, you will control every single note, sound, and all of the music of different types of musicians. As you get things right, the music becomes more epic. The drama that unfolds when you don't control your orchestra, however, is when the chaos ensues. This will be available for Steam, and Meta Quest. There's no release date, but yes, I will be requesting this one for review. I promise you will throw roses, and acknowledge me as the best maestro you've ever seen. I think.