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If you like how much the druid got to Wild Shape in the D&D movie, you're going to love the 2024 Player's Handbook druid changes

by: Randy -
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I'm a homebody. A couch potato. At work I'm a pencil pusher. A white-collar worker. I like the sedentary life and I'm tired of apologizing for it. That's (sort of) ironically what attracts me to the druid in Dungeons & Dragons. D&D is a game of heroic fantasy where you can be yourself times 10, or you can be your complete antithesis. Because I can become anything else in tabletop role-playing games, that's why, at heart, this little couch potato was at least planted by a green-thumbed druid. In D&D, I love swimming, hiking, and flying through nature. I love tending, nurturing, and protecting nature. In D&D, I'm the equal and opposite of everything I do and don't do in real life.

Like every single character class in the upcoming D&D 2024 Player's Handbook, the druid will see changes. Some druid subclasses seem like they become 10x themselves. Others seem a little antithetical to that druid life. But I'm here for the whole spectrum.

Remember in the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie when the druid used her Wild Shape ability to morph into an owl bear? And a fly, herself, a mouse, a hawk, a cat, herself again, an axe beak, and then a deer? Wild Shape used to be more in the Circle of the Moon subclass's wheelhouse. But soon, every druid will get to Wild Shape. A lot. And for longer. And still be able to speak. And cast spells. A 2024 druid might never come out of their Wild Shape ever again. If you do, it'll no longer be a full action to wild shape back—only a bonus action.

Check out D&D Beyond's post on all the changes coming to druids. There's like a three-column Excel spreadsheet worth of changes.