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Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster announced

by: Joseph -
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Dead Rising is the Zombie of zombie games. Just when you think it's dead, it just keeps coming back. Sometimes with Frank West, sometimes without, then again with Frank West. Sometimes the game doesn't contain not one camera click of Frank West at all. But alas, the premise stays the same. There's an infection, and there's a zombie outbreak. You have three days to investigate, take pictures, figure out what happened, and find a cure. maybe. You can use anything you find to take out zombies, including golf balls, katanas, guns, and even a mega buster from Mega Man. If you don't complete certain tasks, or the game by 3 days time (in game time), you enter into a permadeath type experience. You can no longer progress the story. This also happens if you let one of the main characters die, or if you don't carry out the tasks in the main story. This is what made Dead Rising good. 

Capcom just shadow dropped the announcement, that the game is returning to modern consoles in a Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster (DRDR), with Frank West. They just dropped a teaser saying look forward to more info soon, but it's coming. Check it out. Maybe we'll fire this up and play it on a stream, because we've never beat it. We've been close, but something always happens, because Dead Rising.