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Midnight Murder Club announced by Velan Studios

by: Joseph -
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Yes, I too am still upset about my beloved dodgeball game Knockout City getting eliminated with a ball to the face. Hopefully Velan Studios makes it up to all of us with the release of what is being called as a first person shooter party game. Midnight Murder Club releases this Fall on Steam. 

The studio that broke my heart promises gameplay in pitch black dark. The only things you are armed with are a flashlight, and a revolver. To win is to complete missions, and survive. Survive the other players, that is, who are trying to do the exact same thing, hiding in the dark and behind doors. You can play 2v2v2, to see which team can get the most kills, or even free for all, with the same goal. 

There's also Hunter/Hunted mode, which is similar to Dead by Daylight. You have to take out the other members before they complete their own effigies burning mission, while Thief in the night is another 2v2v2 mode where you make your way through the mansion and steal valuables. The game can be wish listed now, and hopefully within this dark mansion, I can find a certain dodgeball game that I'm still sad about.