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D&D will choke you out with coverage of its 2024 core rulebooks

by: Randy -
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Wizards of the Coast is carpet bombing YouTube with D&D 2024 core rulebook coverage. Bouncing back and forth between its official Dungeons & Dragons and D&D Beyond channels, boom boom boom, it's been one video after another. They know that pulling people away from 5th Edition—even if WotC swears this isn't a new edition—is a tough sell. This most beloved of editions has been on store shelves for the past 10 years. 5th Edition saw the rise of Stranger Things. The rise of Critical Role. The rise that came about from worldwide quarantine lockdowns in a pandemic.

Some of us are deeply invested in 5th Edition. We've got the sourcebooks. We've got the adventures. We've sprinkled in the supplements. We've put in the hours, drawn up the maps, fought in the battlefields, and rolled a thousand perception checks in between. 

And now they want us to buy a new/not-new/compatible/rebuilt-from-the-ground-up 2024 edition? Ok, I'll bite. What do you want to talk about first?

Look, unless it's your job to cover 100 percent of this stuff, there's no need for you to watch all these. The 2024 Player's Handbook will have 12 classes, 48 subclasses, 10 species, 16 backgrounds, and 75 feats. I expect they'll exhaust us with videos for all the classes and subclasses, but hopefully spare us from the rest.

But that's just the Player's Handbook. Don't forget, the 2024 core rulebooks also consist of a Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual.

I hope interviewer Todd Kenreck and designers Jeremy Crawford and Chris Perkins brought throat lozenges. At the rate they're going, they've got a million more videos to make between here and the September 17 launch of the 2024 Player's Handbook, November 12 launch of the 2024 Dungeon Master's Guide, and February 18, 2025, launch of the 2024 Monster Manual (that 2025 date isn't a typo).

More to come. You can count on it.