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New Legend of Zelda has a new protagonist: Zelda.

by: Joseph -
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The Legend of Zelda usually goes like this. Zelda is the princess of Hyrule with the Triforce of Wisdom, Link is the hero of Hyrule with the Triforce of Courage, and Ganon is the bane of Hyrule's existence, with the Triforce of Power. As long as you have those three elements, you can mix up the story as you see fit. Most games follow the formula and some of them don't even talk about the Triforce. Sometimes Ganon shows up in different forms. Sometimes Zelda is a ghost (but we don't talk about that). Now, Nintendo has switched it up. No pun intended. 

After a vicious fight with Ganon, Link is sucked into a strange rift, and it's up to Zelda, and a fairy named Tri. Tri hands Zelda an item called the Tri Rod, and this item can copy items to be used practically anywhere else. For instance, you can copy a bed from a house, and stack the beds to climb to a higher point. You can use a rock you copied, and fight enemies with the copied rocks. You can also copy enemies, and use them to fight other enemies. Just when you thought the conventions of Tears of the Kindgom was the last we would see, it's not the case. 

Taking presentation cues from the Link's Awakening Remake, The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom will be released September 26th. Nintendo will also release a gold colored Nintendo Switch Lite alongside the game. We have a new Zelda game. Unbelievable.