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Capcom did it. They Freed MVC2...again

by: Joseph -
More On: Marvel Vs Capcom Fighting Collection

I was this close to buying the Arcade 1up cabinet with all the Marvel Vs Capcom crossovers. The deluxe edition with the better speakers, and screen was calling my name. Do I have all the home versions already? Yes, but you're also talking to someone who owns the Arcade 1up Big Blue Street Fighter Cab, Capcom Fighting Collection, Capcom Arcade Stadium 1 and 2, all the compilations released on Ps1, the Street Fighter 30th anniversary, and fightcade. Needless to say, when people ask, who are they re-releasing all these games for, it's me. Guilty. 

Now Capcom can have more of my money, with the release of Marvel Vs Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics. Announced during the Nintendo Direct, this compilation will contain the following fighting games. X-Men Children of the Atom, X-Men VS Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter, Marvel VS Capcom, Marvel VS Capcom 2, and side scrolling beatem up The Punisher. 

All the games will be playable online, with full training modes, challenges, an art gallery, a music player, and rollback Netcode. Whatever is happening over there with Capcom, they need to keep doing it. The release will be sometime in 2024, and will appear on PS4/5, PC, and Nintendo Switch, for $49.99 USD.