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Ubisoft shows 10 minutes of Star Wars Outlaws

by: John -
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The more I see of Star Wars Outlaws, the more impressed I am. Today, Ubisoft Forward had about 10 minutes of gameplay for their open world Star Wars game.

From the developers of The Division 2 and Avatar, Star Wars Outlaws has you take the role of Kay Vess, and no she's not a Jedi. The 10 minute gameplay showed off many aspects such as space battles, traversing the planets with a speeder, and getting into some firefights with some unscrupulous individuals.

Landing on planets seem pretty good, albeit it looks like there's a small loading screen hidden in the process of touching down. Still, it looks pretty good and watching you come in for a landing in a nice animated sequence does evoke some of the feelings you get when watching it on a movie or TV show.

Check out the 10 minutes worth of gameplay where there's no lightsabers involved and see what it's like when you aren't someone who uses a laser sword to take care of business.