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The next year for Destiny 2 is laid out

by: Rob -
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Review is still incoming for Destiny 2's latest expansion, The Final Shape (spoiler alert: it's pretty awesome). Narratively, this expansion really is the culmination of ten years of storytelling and today Bungie laid out their plans for the next year of content for the looter shooter. Instead of continuing with the saga of light and dark that the Final Shape attempted to close, we are entering into three "Episode" arcs that have splintered off as a result of the actions from the expansion. Each one of these Episodes can be played as standalone content and while they can begin to pull on strings that might weave into later tales they each are meant to be self contained. 

The first Episode, Echoes, takes us to Nessus where the darkness has corrupted the Vex and is letting us live out an exploration vibe as we dive into the history of the planet and it's civilizations as we dig deeper into it's core. Echoes begins tomorrow, June 11th, with the weekly reset. Revenant picks up in about four months time taking us to the reef with how the Fallen have harnesses darkness to elevate their Kell bringing much more of a horror vibe inspired by a vampire hunter fantasy. Finally, Heresy drops in about eight months from now to finish out this year ten slate. The Hive become the focus of the episode as well as the iconic location, the Dreadnought, that was first introduced with the Taken King - the Destiny 1 expansion that finally elevated the game to the heights it was meant to deliver on. 

Details are all readily available in the video doc below. The first Episode, Echoes, is available to anyone with the Final Shape DLC. I believe the others will be available for purchase individually, but they are definitely included with the annual pass.