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We got a great look at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

by: John -
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We may have had our last Harrison Ford led Indiana Jones movie last year, but we're getting what looks to be a fun Indiana Jones game with Harrison Ford's likeness this year. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was shown off during Xbox's showcase yesterday and there's some moments in the trailer that evoked that sense of wonder and excitement that you would get when you would see the trailer of one of these movies before it was released.

Developed by MachineGames, ironically devs of the Wolfenstein series, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle sees Indiana battling Nazis and uncover the mysteries of the Great Circle. The game's time period is set between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade so it's Indy in his prime.

While we'll get the likeness of Harrison Ford, the game's main character will be voiced by Troy Baker. Troy, I think, does a pretty good job at mimicking Harrison's tone and inflections.

Slated for this year on the Xbox Series consoles as well as PC, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle looks like it'll be a great deal of fun as it puts you in the shoes of Indiana Jones, traveling to various locations and getting into a lot of mayhem, which is the staple of any Indiana Jones adventure.