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Alpha Prime and shadows of Half-Life 2

by: Dave -
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Still an hour to go before kickoff for the mere formality of beating the golden pants of off that team up north to earn an outright Big-10 Championship and a trip to the Rose Bowl (argh, have to buy another sweatshirt...), so I'm working on the next title in my backlog of reviews: Alpha Prime.  Other than experiencing such severe framerate issues whenever the action heats up that I was prompted me to create YATLA (Yet Another Three Letter Acronym) for DBF (Death By Framerate), it's been fun.  This morning I was reminded of why my Dad always told me to stay in school so I wouldn't end up schlepping boxes in a warehouse:

I had to stack these guys up in order to get to the catwalk that leads to the next room.  Frankly, killing a room full of semi-sentient robots would have been easier.

Now I'm stuck in a situation where I need to jump into a moving crane to get across an open space of floor, but every time I jump into the thing, it breaks and jams in place.  Why, WHY can't these evil villains that create these mega-super-hideouts just buy quality equipment for once??