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Cronela's Mansion - spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion - heading to Switch in 2025

by: Eric -
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Spanish indie developer Straynus today announced that Cronela's Mansion, an open-world adventure game intended as a spiritual successor to the Lucasfilm classic Maniac Mansion, will be headed to Nintendo Switch in 2025. However, Straynus is not stopping there. Classic gaming fans will be happy to hear that the game is also coming to NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and PC. (What? No Virtual Boy?)

The above trailer shows Cronela's Mansion running on a variety of these systems, which instantly tickled the nostalgia areas in my brain. According to a recent press release, the different versions of the game are "are designed to take advantage of the different platforms' strengths to create a unique and exciting experience, no matter which platform you're playing on."

While the game is nearing completion on all systems (each programmed from scratch independently of the others), Straynus is starting a Kickstarter to be able to release the title physically. Backers will have the opportunity to fund a a variety of levels for various rewards, including a big box version of the PC/MS-DOS game on DVD and floppy disk (limited to 500 copies worldwide). For the latest updates, check out the Cronela's Mansion Kickstarter page