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The world’s highest earning Warhammer 40k players - revealed in new report

by: Elliot -
More On: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

Like many of you, I  get inundated with spam emails daily on my Gaming Nexus email address, please feel free to add to it. Every now and then somethign pops up that does interest me. Today it was the title The world’s highest earning Warhammer 40k players - revealed in new report! First rule of writing is you probably don’t need the exclamation mark, but I digress. I find being able to live off of your winnings from a video game to be a dream goal. Who wouldn’t want to do that? The team at Casino.com has analysed each player’s total earnings to reveal which Warhammer players are really cashing in. The first thing I noticed was that I live in the wrong country to try and make a living this way; the top three earners all hail from Brazil, the fourth dude is from the Russian Federation. Ryoo Kyung Hyun tops the leaderboard as the highest-earning Warhammer 40k player in the world - with total earnings of $45,000. Hailing from the Republic of Korea, the professional gamer also goes by the name “SeleCT”. Ryoo has also been crowned the World Cyber Games champion twice over for his success playing Dawn of War. After him though, it does take a bit of a tumble to see wat the top five have made.

Overall the whole article was interesting to say the least. It covers not only Warhammer but other games, like Rainbow 6, shows you how much they’ve made from winning. The part I enjoyed the most was the information about games like Chess, something I never think of as a game, but might be considered the best board game around. You can follow this link to the site and read for yourself. The biggest takeaway is pretty simple: don’t quit your day job.