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The Casting of Frank Stone gets a new gameplay trailer

by: Nathan -
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Behavior Interactive, developers of Dead by Daylight, and Supermassive Games, developers of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, have revealed a gameplay trailer for their collaboration game, "The Casting of Frank Stone". Much like other Supermassive Games this plays out like an interactive movie where you will have plenty of choices to make throughout the game. Said choices will lead your cast escaping or most likely suffering horrific deaths.

The cool thing about this trailer is Dead by Daylight fans will notice a number of easter eggs in the trailer. The main portion of the game looks like it's going to take place in the mill or the "ironworks of misery" from the MacMillian Estate map and I noticed a quick shot of The Huntress' mask near the end of the trailer.

I absolutely love these kinds of games and the Dead by Daylight universe is perfect for this and cannot wait to play this when it's eventually released. 

No release date yet, just that it's coming in 2024.