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Big Helmet Heroes to bring the couch co-op you need

by: Elliot -
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I love a good couch co-op title. Playing the role of the foil, trying to screw up everyone while still trying to have a good time is a highlight of any couch co-op title for me. Is Big Helmet Heroes going to be one of those titles? I think so. Big Helmet Heroes has a few things going for it and hoping to redefine animation standards with its advanced visuals, bringing characters and setting to life and making every encounter exceptionally vivid. Personally this art style is exactly what I love to see. It reminds me a bit of old-school platformers, there is something about that art style that feels like a true videogame. There are four unique combat styles and turn your environment into an ally by wielding humorous and imaginative weapons. You’ll also need to team up to defeat foes, plan strategies, or simply revel in the chaotic fun of fighting alongside a friend.

Big Helmet Heroes will be playable on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox Series. No firm release date has been shared yet.