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Six weeks to go until Destiny 2 releases The Final Shape

by: Rob -
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There's a new trailer out for Destiny 2's upcoming expansion, The Final Shape. This expansion is essentially wrapping up the 10 year journey this game has been on with Guardians finally entering into the heart of the Traveller - the source of their Light, or power. This mysterious new world, called The Pale Heart, is slowly being corrupted by the game's ultimate big bad, The Witness, as shown in the trailer below. It's a new world filled with new types of enemies and voiced by nostalgia not just with Nate Fillion reprising his role as the long slain Cayde-6 but with a tinge of everything that's brought us to this point over the last decade. 

We don't know what comes next, but this expansion promises to finally wrap up the Light and Darkness saga we've experienced thus far. Destiny 2: The Final Shape launches June 4th. Pre-orders will automatically unlock a Pyramid-themed Exotic ship, an Exotic Ghost, and two pre-order emblems.

And if you're wondering if now is a good time to jump back in to prep for the Final Shape... it really could not be better. A new activity, Onslaught, dropped two weeks ago and with it some of the most iconic weapons in Destiny history have returned, and they're better than ever. The Moutaintop, Falling Guillotine, Midnight Coup, Blast Furnace, Luna's Howl - these weapons at one point or another defined the meta. Raid mainstays like Forbearance and Succession are now available with new perks for those without the ability or fireteams to grind raids. And it's all easily farmable in a dedicated horde-mode event in Onslaught that is actually quite a lot of fun. Come on in and maybe I'll catch you in the in-game Fireteam finder.