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Zelda/SHMUP inspired Minishoot' Adventures releases today

by: Joseph -
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Soulgame has created something I didn't think I needed. They took inspiration from two of my favorite game genres, and turned it into an outstanding game. Imagine creating a twin stick bullet hell shoot-em-up, with a top down Zelda like adventure, and you have Minishoot' Adventures.

Minishoot' Adventures has been in the work by the two person studio for 5 years, and today, it releases on Steam. Without giving too much away, you are a ship, navigating through an island to rescue your friends. Caves, dungeons, secrets, and tons of enemies are everywhere. As you defeat these enemies, you get to upgrade your ship to become more powerful and efficient to take on the biggest and baddest bosses.

The powers you eventually unlock will be key to discovering and exploring more of the map. I'm definitely running around trying to find something I missed, because, yes, it has that Zelda 1 feel. And I haven't put it down. The review comes very soon, so while you wait, check out the release trailer. It's dangerous to go alone, so find your friends.