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As We Descend announced with closed Beta

by: Rob -
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Coffee Stain, the producers behind modern classics like Valheim and Deep Rock Galactic, are announcing their latest project, As We Descend - a roguelike deckbuilder developed by Box Dragon. Box Dragon are a combination of alums From Stunlock Studios and Riot Games. As We Descend puts players in the shoes of the last civilization on earth, forced to descend the depths to try and carve out humanity's survival. You make contacts with others in the last vestiges of humanity, scavenge for resources, and prepare yourself for the next turn and the advance of monsters and beasts. 

The game will kick off with a closed Beta. Signups are live on the official website: https://www.aswedescend.com/

You can follow the game's progress there or on its Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1769830/As_We_Descend/