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Acolyte of the Altar combines deck building with boss slaying

by: Rob -
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The press release for Acolyte of the Altar describes it as a roguelike inspired by a mashup of Magic: The Gathering and Shadow of the Colossus. I gotta admit, that's some excellent company to keep. Acolyte of the Altar is a deckbuilding game, hence the Magic comparison but also incorporates a core mechanic of using that deck to take down epic bosses like Colossus. It looks really neat and the only thing holding me back from a review is the fact my hard drive died on my PC some time ago and I've still not gotten around to fixing it. That's the only drawback I see from this distance - the fact the game is PC only and not yet ported over to other devices or consoles where I'd love to play a hand or two. 

But what you have is a deckbuilding game where you try and match card synergies to maximize your own output. Work quickly though, because all while the bosses are becoming more enraged, and more powerful, over time. Once at max capacity the bosses cna consume your own creatures on the board and counterattack your spells. It seems a really interesting element to add a type of rush timer to the encounter. 

There are over 100 cards to tackle 20 unique bosses that can be de-limbed to limit their abilities. The game does present as a roguelike with randomly generated floors while building your deck and those limbs you stole can be offered the "the Patron" to unlock further rewards. After you run the gauntlet and beat the game, there is also a challenge mode to keep your interest held. You can find the game, and a free demo, over on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2288880/Acolyte_of_the_Altar/