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Hack n’ slash Go Fight Fantastic! Out now on Steam

by: Elliot -
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You and up to two of your friends can now jump into Go Fight Fantastic! Led by your space dog Captain Bowie players will traverse the six-chapter story mode to help save the Bird Planet from alien invasion, Beside the story you and friends can test your skills in the horde mode, an endless arena. For me, the hand-drawn art is reason enough to give this one a try. “Go Fight Fantastic! is our love letter to Saturday morning cartoons; full of bright colors, quirky characters, punchy action, and a lovable team,” said Alexander Benitez, CEO at Kinda Brave Entertainment. “With Go Fight Fantastic! we wanted to capture the wonder of a ragtag group of space travelers embarking on an expedition to a strange alien world, while also invoking that feeling you’d get from playing a classic beat-’em-up at the arcade in the 90s - only now with much crisper hand-drawn graphics that look like how we pictured these games in our imagination.”

Each of Go Fight Fantastic's four playable characters has a unique skill set and playstyle, representing the Tank, Healer, Striker, and Archer classes. Every playthrough promises fresh experiences. Dynamic randomization helps to give off diverse landscapes, enemy encounters, and upgrade options. Go Fight Fantastic! on PC via Steam for $14.99. The game is currently 10% off through April 5.