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I am inevitable... Marvel Snap's current meta problem

by: Rob -
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The ever-evolving meta of Marvel Snap has once again reached an unhealthy state, and who could have seen it coming... other than everybody. Marvel Snap can be a free to play game that doles out new cards in Seasons that cost 10 bucks every month. Second Dinner, the game's creator, likes to push a very powerful card in each season to promote people actually, you know, buying it an putting bread on their table. Problem is these cards are often overpowered, meta defining, and have to be reigned in with regular balance patches where they and other cards either get nerfed or buffed if well over or under-performing standalone on in deck archetypes.

In the middle of an Avengers vs. X-men limited time event and there is only one winner... neither. It's freaking Thanos. Thanos decks have been a problem for a while. Two passes were taken at the deck by first nerfing a Thanos deck staple in lockjaw (making Lockjaw practically unplayable) and then making a change to Thanos' best infinity stone. This is all well and good. The problem is on the back of that they dropped two cards that just ramped the deck strength right back up to 11 - one the season pass card Hope Summers as a perfect Lockjaw replacement and the other in last week's spotlight card Mockingbird which might be the best buff to Thanos decks since Thanos himself. One step forward, two steps back. 

Each month I usually shoot to infinite, the highest ladder rank, in a relatively short shift. But this month has been an absolute slog... until yesterday when rather than try and beat 'em I just up and joined 'em. I was holding off on playing Thanos because, as a free to play player, I don't have and won't get Hope Summers or the Season Pass. But I realized she really isn't crucial to make the deck work. Since yesterday I jumped right out of my rut and am on the cusp of infinite again, all because i succumbed to the meta of just playing the one deck head and shoulders above all the rest right now. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts because it is making the game less fun and there must be a nerf coming in the next patch, right?!