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Wild Card Football will add more running backs in the off season

by: joseph -
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Even though my San Francisco 49ers came up a little short this year, my only solace is Wild Card Football. I can make my own teams, and take them to the championship on my own time. And now, I can make mistakes too, like throwing the ball into the endzone when I have Marshawn Lynch. 

Marhsall Faulk, Marshawn Lynch, and Emmitt Smith will all make their way to the roster of Wild Card Football. While this pack will run you $9.99/€9.99/£8.49, Wild Card Football will also get a free update with 20 new players. This update also includes new vanities, outfits, and celebrations. The 7 on 7 arcade football game will keep adding content as the year goes, with no need for a sequel at this point. Perhaps I'll return to the gridiron, if I'm not still sour about it.