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Double Dragon: Rise of the Dragons gets DLC April 4

by: Joseph -
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Double Dragon: Rise of the Dragons was pretty good. Though it was limited to couch co-op when it released this game did what needed to be done. The character selection was pretty deep, with rogue like unlocks for each one. The way the levels changed based on the way you played them. The tag team element was super cool too. In my review, I enjoyed it a lot, even if it lacked current features. 

That's all about to change. Maximum Entertainment is bringing a free DLC to the game, which includes online Co-op, a survival mode, a versus mode, and three new characters. The first one announced is Ranzou from the obscure Double Dragon IV. The ninja will come with his signature katana, and a whole new move set to take out everyone. The upgrade option will be available between survival rounds, so you can withstand all the punches and kicks, plus the game will have more upgrade options in the main mission. The Sacred Reunion releases April 4th, with information on the other two characters in the coming weeks!